Boncafe Balikpapan

Boncafe Steak & Ice Cream
Restaurant , Steakhouse, and Ice Cream Shop
Jl . A. Yani No. . 10 , Balikpapan , East Kalimantan Indonesia
+62 542 736633

About Boncafe , a new restaurant in the city of Balikpapan comes with the best menu . Located in strategic places is a form of seriousness Boncafe to give piquancy to the public sense of Balikpapan .

Menu which is served by this restaurant is the best of the steak and ice cream . a wide variety of processed steak delights you can feel and for the children 's favorite son anada can provide a variety of ice cream is best provided by the menu open until 10 pm .

Convenience location resto Boncafe view interior and exterior has a very attractive , stylish building midde europe on the display face of the building , looks like a resto resto in Amsterdam . if we want to have a distinct impression in the photo do not forget the logo Boncafe doll that stands in front of the restaurant .

Location resto General Ahmad Yani Street No. 10 . You can also entertain colleagues or family in this restaurant , if you are afraid of running out of the table do not forget to call 0542-736633 for reservation . weekend days in the restaurant was crowded and very precise as culinary tourism .

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