Pantai Kemala Balikpapan

Beautiful beaches in the Central City of Balikpapan

The Kemala Coast Attractions Located around the heart of the city of Balikpapan. Tiny white sandy beach is in color with shades of Bali which provides a comfortable atmosphere to relax. Stalls are well laid out on the beach complete with a touch of candlelight at night to make this beach one of the best options to enjoy dinner with the atmosphere of the beach in the open.

Kemala Beach or better known as the Police Coast located in Jalan Sudirman South , Balikpapan this beach is one of the favorite tourist beach located in the city. Kemala beach Inaugurated by East Kalimantan Police Foundation Chairman Bhayangkari Polda Indarto on 26 August 2007.

To be able to enter the beach area managed Bhayangkari Police Foundation Kaltim, arguably very cheap. Each visitor parking just spend money to visit this beach.

The main purpose of Balikpapan city communities visited Kemala Beach  and Resto because these sights is located not far from the city center is also where the beach is very easy to reach both the two-wheeled vehicles would also four wheels.

If you enter the beach area police, we will be presented with the atmosphere of calm from the shade of large trees and lush that can attract attention. And do not rule you can lean under a tree while enjoying the scenery. until the sun does not feel because of its beauty.

Tourism in Coastal Kemala
For a restaurant, there is also provided for traveler who was looking forward to tasting menu at this beach. The menu offered a culinary variety from various local and European cuisine. The beauty of a given Resto looks very exotic and elegant because it provides the feel of Bali so that visitors feel they are like in Bali.

Not only satisfied the belly, but the eyes were satisfied with stunning views, Dozens of neat proper dining table overlooking the beach. Visitors generally come from the city itself and out of town from Samarinda and Tenggarong, even there from Kutai and others.

Was seen also the visitors mingle on the beach, swim There are some who just sit in the gazebo provided, while enjoying views of the white sand beaches are guaranteed clean environment.

Visitors began to arrive in droves when time is getting late. Therefore, the more beautiful beach because it is supported by the views of the orange sky, while enjoying the Sunset.

Kemala beach is a favorite choice of Balikpapan residents to spend the holiday weekend, the local government through relevant agencies appear to give serious attention to cleanliness and maintenance of facilities at the beach Kemala. Kemala coastal area also has two restaurants, Kemala Jimbaran Cafe Resto and that carries Balinese architectural style, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the beach while enjoying the special menus.

Traveling Tips for Balikpapan Kemala Beach: beach location Kemala central city, making Kemala Beach crowded on weekends and public holidays. Transportation to any location easily. Counted there are 2 transport that we can climb to get to the location such as: Taxi Argo and Municipal Transport (public transportation  No. 6 and No. 3)

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