Iga Bakar Mas Giri

Iga Bakar Mas Giri
Jl. Jend. Sudirman 285, Balikpapan
(0542) 736232
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Anyone who has ever tried to enjoy barbecued ribs?

Anyone who has ever tried to enjoy barbecued ribs ? This is a culinary delicacy has a different from other foods . If you have some time tasting barbecued ribs at a restaurant and wanted to try to present yourself at home , we have tips to make savory barbecued ribs . Do not worry , make barbecued ribs is not really difficult .

We just need to know the right way to process the beef section . Start by selecting a fresh ribs . Fresh ribs will be recognized when baked , the fat melted it and it feels so good . If you do not see ribs fresh market , you can choose the ribs are kept frozen in the freezer . Then , when they are cooked , the ribs thawed at room temperature . Do not jump to bake frozen ribs because it will not perfectly ripe .

One of the key in making a delicious barbecued ribs are the right seasoning . Most people might think that delicious barbecued ribs can only be obtained with seasonings and sauces are concentrated . In fact , this assumption is wrong . Seasoning and sauce is too thick it can relieve genuine barbecued ribs . Because the concentration of spice to be really precise . Notice how the barbecued ribs seasoning used in your favorite restaurant .

One more assumption is wrong in making grilled ribs is to boil it longer . It is wrong because even boiling too long will make the cider taste of the ribs missing . Extract the savory ribs will dissolve in water and taste our grilled ribs will be less favor . So , should be boiled ribs moderation . Immediately lift after the meat was quite tender . Next, we go to the ribs roasting process .

Are you setting up aluminum foil to burn the ribs ? Actually this is not required . Just as the boiling process is too long , the use of aluminum foil is also just less flavor beef ribs . If you 've already set up a aluminum foil , you can use it to wrap the grilled ribs to keep warm before serving .

Difficult yes ... maybe from the bother to make their own barbecued ribs Balikpapan now there are restaurants that provide a menu of barbecued ribs . Barbecued ribs mas name giri is located on Jl . Jendral. . Sudirman No. . 285 Markoni - Balikpapan . Strategic place , and has extensive parking , if you are from outside the city or outside the island is very easy to find this place . At guarantee you will not be disappointed enjoy barbecued ribs that are here .

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