Lamin Etam Ambors Km 28 Balikpapan

 Lamin Etam Ambors Km 28 Balikpapan

The new attraction opened around 2012 is located at Jl. Sukarno Hatta Km 28 Balikpapan. Prompts approximately after reaching KM 28 on the right side of the road if there will be a gate-way bearing Balikpapan Cavalry Detachment I, from the entrance gate of approximately 1 Km.

Admission and Games
The entry fee per person counted 15000 Rupiah not expensive because Lamin Etam Ambors offers a beautiful natural tourist sites, spacious, and offers plenty of game play include:

• ATV Riding
• Flying Fox
• Bicycle Water
• Horse Riding
• Rowing Boat
• Train Rabbit / Train Thomas
• Water Ball
• Trampoline

In addition to a fairly complete game above, visitors can also see relax in the pool free fish therapy. The location is quite extensive fish therapy for 20 more people doing therapy together. Try it if you are able to withstand amused when fish little fish swarming your feet, tickling in between your fingers are said to seek the skin of dead skin from the skin of the feet were probably the reason why the named fish therapy.

In addition to the above game, in Lamin Etam Ambors can also be used for Family Gathering, Team Building, and Outbound, both for the company, club, or school. At the time I was there yesterday are no outbound from two schools simultaneously. Location area of about 15 ha is able to accommodate a lot of visitors, with the availability of parking facilities and toilet facilities are spread evenly.

Facilities :
• No parking facilities at the front, after the entrance gate will be available a large vehicle parking, for cars and motorcycles.

• Toilet facilities are available for the convenience of visitors, available near the house eating, praying, and Stage Lamin Etam Ambors.

• Villa / Facilities stay, meeting place for rent. In addition to outbound events etc, it turns Lamin Etam Ambors has also provided a villa to stay and places that rented for meetings of other nuances. Today many companies are starting to change the atmosphere of the meeting in the noisy city into a meeting in a relaxed but still serious, one of which is the use of natural attractions such as Lamin Etam this Ambors. Lamin Etam Ambors also suitable for corporate gatherings or family gathering staying, because it has provided support facilities include building / main stage that can be used for meetings or stay, or can also hire a gazebo outside that has been protected with mosquito netting to prevent mosquitoes. There is also a mosque and latrines / toilets were insufficient.

• Where to Eat, If you do not bring your own food also can buy a meal in the Lamin Etam Ambors, which I saw yesterday there are two places to eat in the area Lamin Etam Ambors, provide a menu such as Soto, meatballs, a variety of food and soft drinks. As for the other eating places I happen to not try it so can not inform the menu presented. Was when you want to relax there are also soft drinks food vendors along the driveway in the complex Lamin Etam Ambors.

• Fishing, Lamin Etam Ambors also has 4 fishing pond containing Patin fish, pomfret, Nila, Mas, and catfish. The price of fish will be weighed on the weight of the fish that successfully lured. For fishing has been supplied from a bamboo rod. To feed, you can bring your own or buy at Lamin Etam Ambors.

• Exotic Getaway, Let there who are bored with the bustle of city life, why not try to stay in Lamin Etam Ambors, seems very nice to be a short getaway from the routine that sometimes drab. Most suitable again if you bring fitting, can 2-3 family together, while fishing, fuel, fish, and other fun outdoor activities.

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