Mantau Balikpapan

Mantau Balikpapan
Pusat Pondok Mantau 
Jl. Jend. A Yani No. 28 RT.49  Gn. Sari Ilir Balikpapan East Kalimantan- Indonesia
Phone : 0542-7030 608 HP.0852 4737 9061 / 0852 49200 488 

Mantau Lada Hitam
The gift Balikpapan is mantau. Bakpao Mantau is compact. You'll never find a mantau finish at the convenience store, the frozen food section. 

In Balikpapan City, this mantau be eaten with the main menu varied menu of Chinese cuisine. 

be eaten with beef or chicken flavor kungpao, or pepper sauce. Mantau options that will benefit all, there are two. 

Can a steamed or fried. A mantau measuring 10 cm in diameter, valued Rp 2,500 for serving steamed in white and Rp 3,000 for serving fried. 

Make sure you order the fried mantau good quality. This is good quality, the texture of wheat flour which suffers fermentation, very compact. 

Do not be afraid of the oil used for frying. Because, despite digenangkan in oil, this non-greasy fried mantau. Tan brown appearance, with dry surface glow. 

Good Mantau earlier, because saking dense dough, do not give us the opportunity to infiltrate and fry until remembering mantau make oily wet. 

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