Pondok Kelapo

Resto Pondok Kelapo
Jl. Yos Sudarso No. 72
Balikpapan, East Kalimantan

Telepon: 082157668088
Open : Pk.10.00 Wita - 22.00 Wita

Pondok Kelapo is a recommended seafood restaurant in the city of Balikpapan .
Its location is near the beach Melawai Balikpapan , has now become one of the dining options at Balikpapan beach view , this place is always crowded filled with visitors

Resto Pondok Kelapo offers the choice location in outdoor and indoor .
For outdoors, there are about 15 huts were standing around the restaurant . Cabin which has a seating capacity of approximately 5-10 Lesbian these people , built according to the contour of the land on beaches . So here there is a lodge built rather high and some are low , but there are stairs that connect between the huts with one another .

The interior design was no less beautiful lodge , so that would make us comfortable to linger in this place .

Then at the back of the Restaurant Pondok Kelapo , exactly next to the Gulf Coast Balikpapan , available outdoor dining options.
Here are some dining tables are placed , where more seat capacity , is usually used for a group or groups of visitors.

If you want to watch the sunset on the Gulf Coast Balikpapan right spot , it's good to choose a location that is located on the rear porch .

Not only offering an exciting place to eat , a variety of menus that is presented in this restaurant was no less delicious , like a crab asparagus soup and grilled fish special Pondok Kelapo .

Before you culinary Kelapo to Resto Pondok Kelapo, you should make reservations in advance to choose the place and the menu will be presented . That way you will get the position where you want when they travel there and ordered food menu that can be served immediately , without having to make you and your family or group to wait long.

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