Bingka Kentang

Bingka Kentang Balikpapan

For the people of Banjar already familiar with this one snacks . It seemed legit , make these snacks to be excellent .

Banjar typical cake is very diverse , there are huge numbers of cookies to wet there is even known by the term 41 kinds of cookies . One is bingka . The taste is sweet , fat and soft judged suitable for breaking fast .

The history of this cake is often associated with the Royal Malay . In the days of the Malay kingdom once known bingka pandan flavor . Now , about the taste has been modified . There are supplement it with grated cheese or a splash of chocolate .

Bingka truly unique pie shape . Cake made ​​from flour, eggs , milk , sugar , and salt , it is printed like a flower . After the shaped dough , cake was baked about half an hour .

Bingka cake or typical Banjar is better known as wadai bingka , is one of the delicious dish during fasting . Although the price is quite expensive when compared with the other cake , bingka still hunted visitors because it tastes sweet and delicious .

Balikpapan , the famous pastry bingka is labeled bingka Stalkuda . Both of these products are selling well bingka purchased as serving the community for fasting. And very suitable for souvenirs .

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