Sate Buaya

Sate Buaya Teritip Balikpapan

Crocodile ( Crocodile Farm Barnacle ) - Located in the Village East Balikpapan Barnacle , with a distance of 27 km from Balikpapan City Center . 

The area of ​​this crocodile breeding area of ​​5 ha .

Breeding activities carried out since 1990 . Several types of crocodiles are there in this place such as estuarine crocodile (Crocodylus porosus ) ; crocodile chopsticks ( tomistoma scheillius ) ; freshwater crocodiles ( Crocodylus siamlisus ) .

The purpose of this crocodile breeding activities are : the development of wildlife ; cultivation of the leather business ; tourism facilities . You can reach this place with no public transport public transportation . 7 and private vehicles . The crocodile farm open to the public from 08:00 17:00 every day .

In addition we can see the crocodiles , we can also eat them here ... because here provides a special menu crocodile satay . Crocodile satay is still unfamiliar to us . For , this crocodile satay seasoning of so much more variety, such as garlic and red , galangal , coriander , ginger , salt , soy sauce , and flavor .

The crocodile meat mixture and stir in the spices that can be absorbed properly . When the combustion process , this crocodile satay issued a distinctive aroma and delicious taste . Many believe the crocodile satay take to cure skin diseases .

Mmmm ... if you bekunjung to Balikpapan Balikpapan do not forget to enjoy the culinary extremes .

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