Open House

Open House
Jln Puncak Markoni Atas No 88  
Kelurahan Damai, Balikpapan 76113, Indonesia
+62 542 744823
Cuisines: Indonesian, Mediterranean, International

Open House Café Balikpapan is a cafe with the concept of luxury, elegant, and very romantic because this place in the top of the hill. 

Open House located at Jalan Markoni, but we have to drive up again to the top of a hill about 5 minutes away. 

Lies the uniqueness of the Open House because of the top of the hill so that visitors can see the beautiful lights of Balikpapan city lights at night. 

The décor is quite at one with nature, selected from natural materials and abundant greenery. Mood lighting interspersed with relaxing music to make the atmosphere was very comfortable. 

About the menu, they provide western cuisine (start from 20K) and the various wine. Overall, well worth a visit for those who are anchored in the city of Balikpapan.

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