Zeus Cafe and Lounge

Zeus Cafe and Lounge

JL.Jend.Sudirman Komp.Bandar Blok L , Balikpapan,Kalimantan Timur
Telepon 0542- 739141 dan 5636525.

The existence of Zeus Café and Resto commercial complex at Balikpapan airport , turned out to be a haven for foodies , let alone a diverse menu of mouthwatering delights and presented to the visitors of this restaurant .

According to Jonah Tan , Operations Manager of Zeus Restaurant , some menus include grilled fish served rica - rica , Singapore crab sauce , fried carp sweet and sour sauce , grilled chicken Zeus , sweet and sour fried shrimp , broccoli shrimp cah , suki steamboat and pigeons dry fry .

Especially if you enjoy a variety of culinary presented with a view of the sea off Balikpapan , giving rise to the impression of a thick atmosphere of the beach , and of course more and enjoy the enjoy the dishes that are served

" A wide range of culinary specialties , especially the favorite in Zeus Resto is Gurame fish fried sweet and sour sauce and grilled fish , let alone all these dishes along with seasonings that make tongues wagging is Chef Fu Xi Lin Fei , " said Yunus .

Some colleagues were enjoying the meal that is served , culinary Zeus reveals that this restaurant feels right , and delicious on the tongue . " Especially the fried fish and fried shrimp very tempting , " said our colleague .

" In our Resto Zeus is also the ideal venue for a variety of events such as wedding party , birthday , press conferences , meetings , lunch and dinner , and we also provide special rates for companies and groups who want to enjoy a meal at our place , " said Jonah .

For this reason, for the culinary connoisseur Balikpapan , Zeus Resto become one of the culinary delights , not only during the day , but also the night, especially with a view romantic beach for those who want to hold a dinner together.

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