Kepiting Asap

Kepiting Asap
Jl. Apt. Pranoto No 12- Dondang
Balikpapan, East Kalimantan- Indonesia
Phone 0542-7064638

This is the best crab of the best I've ever tasted .
Starting from the story told friends that there is a new model crab ( smoke ) in Balikpapan , this time I invited my mother to eat there .

Orders are not many crabs Smoke only 1 , 2 Bawal Bakar Fish and Vegetable Stir-fry 1 Pakis .
Whim I walked into the kitchen and turned out to see the process of his smoking technique is to coat the crabs with aluminum foil but first coated with banana leaves , and given butter .

Chefs who cook seems the owner , a Chinese grandfather who intervene directly Pontianak ..
I do not look special from the existing seasoning seemed unremarkable , but it feels ... thumbs up !

I am hard pressed to download right translation in the sense that there 's Smoke Crab , it feels like there is seasoning rendang , but like the delicious taste of opportunistic ... really I can not describe , but it feels very solid .
And visible from the face of my wife and my mother were very suprise with this extraordinary taste .

Resto 's address is on Jl APT Pranoto No. 12 ( Dondang ) in front of Hotel Mirama , Phone 0542-7064638

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