Bebek Goreng H. Slamet

Fried Duck Resto H.Slamet Special Sambel Korek

This restaurant provides a special menu duck, which is Duck Fried H. Slamet point. Located just beside the Institute Pemasarakatan Balikpapan City and within walking distance of the popular eating house in Balikpapan, which is home to the famous Torani eat boneless milkfish and steamboatnya it. 

Fried Duck Resto H Slamet decorated by modern interior, with a desk and a neat cross-legged, making it very convenient restaurant to be a place to dine. 

Fried duck at home eating fried duck H. Slamet has a distinctive taste. Fried duck served so tender and tasty. In addition to the perfect marinade permeated with the fried duck. 

The flavors are delicious and savory ducks using duck meat as super type. So the duck is a duck that has been selected four times in a span of laying eggs for about two years. Why not chosen a young duck? Because the meat is easily destroyed when boiled. 

Secrets savory flavor of the duck was also obtained for the duck meat was boiled about 3 to 4 hours so that the meat is tender and the marinade is absorbed. Then fried so that the result is a tasty fried duck meat and soft. 

Duck has a chewy meat, so it is very difficult if cooked, but in the hands of Mr. H. Slamet, duck into a very tasty dish. With a blend of duck and salty condiments and spicy sauce extraordinary. 

In all outlets Fried Duck H. Slamet, there's always writing Matches Special Sambal. Indeed korekyang sauce made from chili sauce at this restaurant also increase appetite. The taste is spicy but flavorful making duck dish more delicious when chewed in the mouth. 

Sambal match here is made from ingredients such as cayenne pepper, salt, garlic. All the material is pulverized in a mortar and then poured hot cooking oil used fry duck. That's why the sauce was spicy but with a lighter flavor. Sambal match at home eating fried duck H. Slamet also a mainstay, so it also becomes part of the restaurant's logo. 
Slamet H Fried Duck stall is in Balikpapan is a branch of Kertasura Solo in Central Java. And Balikpapan addition there are also branches in other cities. 

To meet and bring consumers culinary Balikpapan 2 is now in place, namely in: 

Fried Duck H. Slamet 
Jl. General Sudirman, 74 Justice Complex, Horse Stall 
(Attached to the house and Crab eating Torani Tambora) 
Phone. 0542-760730, 7022681 

Jl. Wiluyo Puspoyudo 19 
(Just dealing with Steak Obonk) 

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