Kupang Lontong

Kupang Lontong Jl. A. Yani Balikpapan

Kupang rice cake was the name of East Java regional specialties . The food is well-known , especially in the area of Surabaya and Sidoarjo . The main material used is " Kupang " is a kind of sea animal shells , is small .

For those of you who want to enjoy these foods , you can visit one place in the evening snacks Balikpapan city diner called " bustle" . Located on the road Jend.A.Yani or better known as the exact Gunung Sari Ilir near Wijaya Motor workshop . 

Here you can enjoy the unique taste of Kupang Lontong different from other culinary culinary . Moreover, if in add a little chilli sauce and soy sauce , mmmm increasingly arouse your appetite .

Previously maybe some of you do not know what it is Kupang Lontong . Kupang is the only animal that lives in the sea , somewhat paler brown body color . If the condition is already cooked it on the head is black .

In East Java catching mussels can be found in coastal areas , among others, on the coast north of Surabaya , Sidoarjo , and Pasuruan . Kupang is processed into a typical food that can only be found in the vicinity of his arrest .

How to cook mussels are also very easy , just washed, boiled with water until cooked . East Java people are more familiar with the culinary call " kupang rice cake " .

Kupang rice cake served with a sauce , and spices used in the form of : garlic thinly sliced ​​( fried ) , chilli , and paste ( made ​​from black salad shrimp ) . The seasoning mixed then crushed with a spoon on a plate to be served .

After the mixture is crushed then be diluted with a little sprinkle stew sauce mussels , add sliced ​​rice cake on top of it and then coupled with lentho ( a mixture of grated cassava , Tolo beans , shredded coconut , and seasonings such as garlic , cilantro , salt , sugar ) .

Kupang was boiled further matured along with the gravy poured on top . For the finishing touch sprinkled with fried onions .

Kupang will be complete when eaten with the sate shellfish . Sate steamed clams and stabbed with a bamboo stick .

For matters of taste no doubt , ueeeeenak tenaaan . Broth was really cute at all , let alone fried sliced ​​onions before adding prick tastes . Cayenne scour was also always mengelitik tongue while when I add the lime juice , fresh flavors suddenly burst on the tongue . Truly a harmonious combination of flavors .

In addition to Kupang Lontong menu , you can also select other menus that are not less good, as Rawon sedep Merem , Rice DJ, green bean porridge , sekoteng 270 volts and much more . Please stop by to shop bustle, which is open from dusk to night . Good luck

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