Kedai Laut Seafood

Kedai Laut Seafood
Jln. Mayjend Sutoyo, Gn Malang
Tlp. 0542-736815

It's so long I want to go here, but only now accomplished . I want to try this place because some friends recommended this seafood tasty and relatively cheap price compared to other seafood in Balikpapan .
The location of this restaurant is on the Jln. Mayjend Sutoyo, Gn Malang 

Okay let's feel.
Our menu is the message , Bawal Bakar fish , grilled fish grouper , Bawal Goreng Rica - Rica , Sweet & Sour Sauce Crab , Scallop and Vegetable Boil spinach and sprouts .

First of all about the Sweet & Sour Sauce Crab , crab seems that served less than fresh ( ? Still in doubt ) , but the sweet sour sauce is very thick , like puyunghai sauce , and the power of 2 sweet sour taste and sweetness that is just it, I do not find the taste acid .

Then burnt from grouper fish and fish do not seem to Bawal in , so it does not get in until the grill cooked fish to meat deepest , perhaps because the fire was too hot and burnt the fish from the outside is like a ripe . Although coated by the sauce as a topping of burnt fish , but it did not seem to get into .

Successful menu is the message that we Flour Fried Squid and Shellfish Boil , because both the menu was the most exhausted first .

If I want to give opinions about the food here , I just wanted to say that in terms of taste still mesmerized us , we give the average value in terms of flavor , while the terms of the service we feel pretty good , because the waitress was very friendly and helpful , including drink orders were quickly given , while from the comfort and cleanliness of the dining area we provide great value , because we did not find any one flies in the restaurant .

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