Kepiting Dandito

Dandito Kepiting Saos

Seafood RestaurantFish & Chips Shop, and Asian Restaurant
Jl. M. Iswahyudi, Gn. BakaranBalikpapanKalimantan Timur
Telp. 0542-764367 / 0811532368

Want to feel the spiced crab , shredded crab , fried crab and crab sauce come to a different taste in Dandito Restaurant Jalan. M. Iswahyudi No 72 Balikpapan , East Kalimantan, which creates innovation various kinds of crab flavor .

The menu is the crab flavor sauce flagship dandito . Red sauce flavor and thick intentionally created from the results of experiments owner , Rudy Setiawan who had been trying for a year a variety of cooking ingredients before starting open his restaurant Dandito name is taken from the name of the second male owner Rudy Setiawan .

Crab sauce dandito result of seasoning mixture all in red is red ginger , red tomatoes , red onion , brown sugar , and red pepper . The result is a sense that it fits in the marinade mixture tongue taste sour , sweet and spicy .

The liquid is slightly thickened sauce marinade mix of orange and red deliciousness was flowing on the tongue , very fitting in eating with bread shaped mantow small round object . Presented a special bread for eating crab sauce dandito friends .

The size of each portion of the marinade sauce around one liter of gravy sauce , so you can imagine how much that must be cooked to spice marinade sauce can about the drum number every day its stock for seasoning sauce .

Another menu of crab is a crab oyster sauce , sweet and sour , black pepper , fried butter , boiled cook team , fried garlic and asparagus crab soup .

Black pepper sauce black and thick too many visitors preferred because of the spiciness of black pepper is very pungent tongue for culinary connoisseurs who like spicy . Making visitors hooked to continue watering crab with black pepper sauce .

For visitors who do not like to eat crabs no menu of shrimp , fish , squid , meat , fried or grilled chicken , and an assortment of sauces . For there is a choice of vegetables cah kale , collards cah , cah sprouts and chop suey .

Restaurant operating Dandito already ten years in Iswahyudi Marsma Road , Gunung Bakaran , Balikpapan also has received a delivery order in all areas of Jakarta and Surabaya . Dandito cooperate with Yanny Libels , one of the singers personnel Trio Libels for marketing Jakarta .

In Sepinggan Airport , Balikpapan also provided special counters packing size of one kilogram of crab variety of flavors so that the passenger plane from Balikpapan live buy souvenirs at the airport crab Dandito only and do not necessarily have to stop at the restaurant .

Serving of crab prices for one kilogram size can contain two or three depending on the size of the crabs . The crab here is somewhat unique because of the size of the body and legs (claws) is not proportional . Bites size larger than the body but full of meat .

Special soft shelled crabs that can be eaten skin soft shell directly . Fried soft-shelled crab tastes almost like chicken fried crispy shell skin because the skin feels almost if eaten . Feels there Kriuk - fitting Kriuk and savory edible .

Almost all officials and artists when visiting the capital of Balikpapan mostly enjoyed the crab Dandito . In the wall restaurant with lots of photographs of officials and well-known artist .

To neutralize cholesterol from crab , no drink coconut water brown sugar deliberately contrived for the guests drinks menu . It feels fresh and sweet sugar arennya very fitting drunk after eating crab .

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