Jalan A. Yani, Balikpapan, Indonesia
Telepon +62542411150

Seafood in the city of Balikpapan indeed be excellent. Bondy restaurant is certainly not to be missed if you had time to stop by this city. 

Seafood business has undergone over the years have made Bondy as one of the most successful and most popular. 

Flagship menu was predictable, and various species of fish, shrimp, clams, crabs, and many types of fresh vegetables. 

Bondy's famous seafood seasoning is not full. Grilled chicken, for example, chef meraciknya with not much use of spices, but more as a companion course to play in the super spicy mango sauce, Dabu-Dabu, vegetables, tamarind, fresh vegetables, and lots of delicious drink options.

1 Response to "Bondy"

  1. my memorable food with Bondy when I was still in elementary school is Roti Bondy (Bondy Bread) only cost Rp 500,- at that time and it was the most moist bread I ever ate during my living in Balikpapan