Rumah Makan Torani Balikpapan

Welcome to my city Balikpapan beloved , as one of the city gates of East Kalimantan . Balikpapan was to improve itself to be a city on the services and businesses reluctant in Indonesia . In my city is multicultural society thus creating a dynamic city and creating cultural diversity . In because of different cultural elements that brought the settlers finally created a distinct culinary as well , which makes it increasingly diverse culinary Balikpapan . One of them is here that diner Torani .

If you 're visiting Balikpapan for business or sightseeing feels incomplete if you have not visited one of the famous culinary Balikpapan with milkfish without thorns is Eating Torani . Torani restaurant is a restaurant that provides the most complete seafood menu in our city of Balikpapan.

The diner is a diner Torani pioneer boneless milkfish and steamboat . In addition boneless milkfish Torani restaurant provides a menu - a menu mainstay like crab sauce and spiced crab or crab . Pepes Crab is one of the special menu is only available in the Torani diner .

You know what that means boneless milkfish , milkfish boneless milk fish fresh is the biological structure of the body where there are many fine spines , and to eliminate the factors limiting the fine spines have available appropriate technology simple layout and structure of the assessment through thorns and remove it by pulling spines . Boneless milkfish is still a raw product and the product is expected to be further processed into products such as smoked boneless milkfish or other processed products . Milkfish also has a high protein content reached 20.38 % so both as a source of protein needs of the body . Here are the benefits to eating fish milkfish :

· Preventing coronary heart disease .
· Lowering blood cholesterol levels .
· Increase endurance .
· Assist loaded system growth and brain development .
· Preventing the disease due to lack of micronutrients .
· Reduce the risk of hypertension .

Steambot is a presentation of Japanese cuisine such as in the State where it has been supplied to the furnace and place in roasting also provide bowls for cooking an assortment of vegetable soup . In this restaurant provides a variety of vegetable material , shrimp , meat and shellfish we are free to choose according to our own tastes .

Eating Torani is located at Jalan Jenderal Sudirman 73 Stall Kuda Balikpapan ( Balikpapan Court Home Office ) very strategic location and easy to reach by public transport . If by chance you 're waiting for a connecting flight or transit you can also visit this restaurant because it is located very close approximately 10 minutes from the International airport Sepinggan Balikpapan .

Torani restaurant has a reliable and skilled chefs creating delicious seafood flavors , no wonder why this restaurant has become a subscription Torani officials and artists who visited my city the capital of his beloved Aberdeen.

Jl. Jend. Sudirman No.73 Stall Kuda Balikpapan ( Balikpapan Court Home Office )
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PIN BB       : 2143C473
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For reservations please contact:
(0542) 761250, 0813 4654 5555

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