Pantai Melawai Balikpapan

Point of View Best Sunset in Balikpapan

Melawai beach is along Jl. Sudirman, Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. Balikpapan itself is the first oil drilling areas in Indonesia.

Balikpapan is a city that is facing east, exactly facing the Makassar Strait. Of the geographic position facing east then point to see the sunset means there may not be. However, the theory is refuted by the bit position Melawai beach is in a small bay making it the best sunset spots in Balikpapan.

This beach is a favorite tourist destination in the city center. The beach is located between the
Semayang harbor and the beach Banua Patra. This area is also a center of food and drinks in the evening.

The uniqueness of Melawai Beach is at dusk will be many visitors sit grounded mat while waiting for the sunset and enjoy the view of the ships at anchor, unloaded at the Port Semayang, or sailing in the Gulf of Balikpapan.

Melawai beach has a beautiful view of the proximity to the city center, Balikpapan Center or about 5 minutes to the south. Along the coast of Melawai also provided some cafes that are ready to serve you  relaxed.

Melawai beach is famous as a center snack in Balikpapan at night. Nothing special crafts that you can buy in this area, except for snacks.
If you want to get a variety of typical local art shop Balikpapan then can visit Presidential Market, Shopping Centre, and several shops at Jl. Ahmad Yani Balikpapan Area.

Walking along Melawai Beach is a pleasure in itself, especially when the sun goes down over the edge of the earth. Feel dinginya sand when you walk along the coast. When you visit the beach at night, you can find various kinds of food and drinks along the beach. Along the edge of the beach you will find small cafes that provide a variety of snacks and drinks.

Visitors can enjoy a variety of foods and beverages in Melawai Beach, especially at night. Variety of Indonesian dishes lined invite your appetite, ranging from pecel catfish (catfish fry with peanut sauce), pecel chicken (fried chicken with peanut sauce), satay chicken, meatballs, fried noodles, fried rice and others. As for drinks, you can sip bandrek (hot ginger drink), ginger, wedang round (drink ginger served with beans), and an assortment of juices. Some vendors also sell local specialties like banana Gapit.

East Kalimantan is a unique province. Its capital is Samarinda but the driveway is Balikpapan. The main airport is located at Jalan Marsma Sepinggan Iswahyudi. Melawai beach is located on Jalan Sudirman. The beach location is not difficult to find because it is located on the main road leading to the various regions in Balikpapan. You can use Public Transport No. 5 and 6 which passes Melawai beach. Melawai beach is located in the city center, exactly not so far from the complex Pertamina and the Port of Aberdeen and was on the edge of one of the protocols Balikpapan.

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