Orang Utan Balikpapan

Balikpapan Orangutan House visit

Orangutan (Pongo pygmageus) and the island of Borneo as inseparable. The typical Indonesian primates have long been the belle of the animal kingdom. Unfortunately, the existence of increasingly endangered orangutans are endangered because their habitat. Orangutan population continues to shrink every year and now only about 50,000.

Some orangutans still frequently encountered in the zoo, but their lives are not as free as when living in their natural habitat. Then, we can still see these cute animals enjoy life like jumping from tree to tree in the wild? Of course, as long as we know where we are heading.

Forest exploration that takes days to see where orangutans certainly not the first priority most tourists, especially when bringing small children. Some orangutan conservation center is also located in areas difficult to reach in a short time. However, there is an interesting alternative locations if we wanted to see firsthand orangutans in Borneo, ie in Balikpapan.

Artificial Island
Samboja village is a conservation center run by the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF) and the place is open for tourists who want to know the existence of orangutans. While in the village Samboja, wisatawatan not only invited to interact with the orangutans, but also can feel the thrill of adventure using a 4WD car through the streets in the surrounding forest is quite difficult to follow. If you want to see the panorama Samboja forest, you can see it from the tower to be more liberal point of view to see the whole forest area Samboja refreshing eye.

There is a uniqueness that can be witnessed in Samboja. More than 200 orangutans living in seven small islands artificial as their habitat. The seven islands are separated by a fairly swift stream that orangutans do not get out of its habitat.

Of the seven islands, only one of which can be visited by tourists, while the rest can only be seen from the mainland. Business is to limit contact between visitors with orangutans that are released in the seven islands that wild animals can develop according to the natural conditions.

Other activities that tourists can do is help the handler to prepare food for orangutans, observed behavior or planting tree seedlings. Hmm, an interesting tour which you should not miss!

Besides orangutans, Samboja also a rehabilitation center for bears (Helarctos malayanus). The mascot fauna Balikpapan city was now threatened with extinction due to rampant deforestation and poaching. Most bears are treated in Samboja obtained from foreclosure or found in a deplorable state in the wild. Bears in Samboja also be released back habitats if they are cured and able to be independent.

If you want to contribute, you can donate money, even food for orangutans and sun bears in conservation. Not only enjoy the beautiful forest in Borneo, but you also can do good for nature conservation in Indonesia.

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