Pantai Manggar Segarasari Balikpapan

The beach is full of Fun

Vacation to the beach is not going to bore you, lucky you live in the country of Indonesia who was awarded many beaches with the longest coastline in the world. Possible to visit the beaches scattered throughout the country will require a long time. 

But of all the coast, one of the beaches that you should visit is the beach manggar Segarasari located in Balikpapan, precisely in the Village manggar and Teritip. Manggar beach Segarasari or better known as just manggar Beach, is one of the favorite tourist destinations are quite legendary and is a beach community pride Balikpapan.

Your fatigue due to daily routines that roaring will be paid when you visit this pretty beach. Beauty Beach Segarasari manggar evident from sea water, small waves and ripples of white sand beach harmonious beauty adorn this. Or if you want to unwind with a shout you can try banana boat tense. Enjoy the waves can soothe the soul and the waves in the distance refreshes your eyes.

The beach is crowded with tourists at this weekend is a beach community pride Balikpapan.

With a total area of coastal area of about 13,000 square meters, do not be surprised if this was a regular beach venue for activities are recreational and entertaining including anniversary celebrations of Balikpapan. In recent years this beach has always been a vehicle for the course of events "Sea Party" lively. In addition, cultural performances or creativity in the open stage.

Finding accommodation in the city of Balikpapan is not as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack, because the accommodation and the facilities are complete. You just have to reach into the bag and look at your budget. Here are some hotels that can be your reference when strolling fun in the city of Balikpapan.

It is located 9 km to the East of Sepinggan or 22 Km from downtown Balikpapan. Can be achieved with a two-wheeled vehicle / four and no public transportation. 7 of terminal Damai. Beach access road to the site is paved and location manggar also looks well managed. The entrance to the beach location is in front Dodikzipur Tanjungpura military command. With just walk about 200 meters, you've arrived at the beach.

The beach is very suitable to perform a variety of beach activities such as playing ball, kite flying, jet skiing, banana boating, swimming, playing tire boat, beach volleyball, cycling and take pictures or just relax under the shady trees in the coastal area.

Bring your clothes, because upon arrival at this beach, you will not be able to resist the seduction of the waves that come caressing your feet.
The beach is open between the hours of 6:00 to 18:00 pm.

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