Bukit Bangkirai Balikpapan

 Bukit Bangkirai

Bukit Bangkirai is a natural tourist area managed by PT. INHUTANI I Unit I Balikpapan. This tourist area located in District Samboja, Kutai regency, East Kalimantan. Bangkirai Hill can be reached by land for 1.5 hours from the city of Balikpapan.

This tour offers the charm of a tropical rain forest unspoiled, which is equipped with facilities and infrastructure such as restaurants, lamin for meetings, swimming pool, as well as jungle cottage or cabin. In this area there is a canopy bridge (bridge canopy) along 64 m were hanged connect 5 Bangkirai trees at a height of 30 m. 

Canopy bridge is the first in Indonesia, both in Asia and the eighth in the world. Its construction was made in the USA. The short history, researchers from the United States has conducted site surveys and trees and the environment then performed the first phase in January 1998 and the second phase was completed in February 1998 when the bridge was completed approximately one month. 

Americans carried out by contractors who are members of the CCA (Canopy constraction Asosiated) as six field staff with the assistance of local power as many as three people. In addition to the wood used in its construction are also stainless steel or galvanized from America. 

Age bridge this canopy of completion can be expected to last for 15-20 years in accordance with the age and durability of materials. 

If you want to travel to the canopy bridge you will pass through the path by entering the dense forest where there are shady trees.

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