Caribbean Island Water Park

Caribbean Island Water Park
Water Park, Pool, and Arcade
Jl. Kol. Syarifuddin Yoes II, Balikpapan, Kalimantan Timur 76115, Indonesia


This is the largest water park in Eastern Indonesia, Caribbean Island Waterpark offers a variety of water rides were really interesting. 

Located in Jl. Kol. Syarifuddin Yoes II (Ring Road II) Balikpapan, Caribbean Island Waterpark has become a favorite destination for family tourism in Balikpapan.

Nothing is more fun for your sons and daughters in addition to playing with a variety of water rides were fun. 

You can enjoy the view from one of the wooden huts while keeping the kids play, or if you like you can even come jump into the swimming pool. 

In addition to water rides, other tourist activities to do in the sights Balikpapan this one is watching the water in the open stage performances and flying fox.

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