Soto Banjar Abdhu Kuin Balikpapan

Soto Kuin Balikpapan

Soto Kuin Balikpapan
Do not expect to eat this soup as breakfast or lunch, because they just opened at 14.30 noon in the afternoon until midnight around 23.30. Stall layout is quite strategic, on Jl. A. Yani, Gunung Sari Balikpapan. Only parking for cars rather difficult here. Parking attendants had to work hard here directing traffic rather jammed in the afternoon due to the parking of vehicles Kuin Soto's customers. 

So the difference Soto at Soto Kuin Banjar is located in gravy & perkedelnya. Soto Kuin always more than Soto and Soto Kuin Banjar always wear cassava cakes and chicken satay accompanied in eating it, but I am a person who likes the odd meal if accompanied by satay soup, I ordered the soup be without the satay. Not long I wait, finally there came a plate of this soup. Wow! 

Okay, the seller did not hesitate in onion sprinkled fried. A lot! Shredded chicken , many of them, satisfied anyway. I always clean plate when finished eating here, because the broth was too good for me. Perhaps the one drawback of this Kuin Soto, a lot less! When in a state hungry, I could spend two-three servings Soto Kuin this, and indeed I've ever done. 

So guys, Soto Banjar Kuin is very highly recommended-ya, make you eat.

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